Helping close the confidence gap in the workplace.

This is a short, sharp yet effective over-lunch session (1 hour) designed to guide women in your organisation to discover and define their version of success from the inside out.

Designed to benefit aspiring, new and existing mid-level female managers.

life coaching women

Imagine if women in the organisation backed themselves more and doubted themselves less?

  • Could it help the organisation optimise human capital?
  • Could it result in more motivated employees?
  • Could it have a positive impact on culture?
  • Could it contribute to the retention and development of talented women?
  • Could it result in a financial upside?
  • And if you’re serious about gender diversity, could increased confidence help women to positively use their influence?


Included in The Lunchtime Coach session:

  • 30 minute pre-workshop consultation (by phone or in-person) to talk through how I will best support the women in the organisation
  • 1 x 1 hour face-to-face session (10 to 15 participants), during lunch and conducted at your office (making it super convenient)
  • Practical worksheets to support a deeper exploration of thoughts, actions and barriers to achieving personal success
  • Individuals will develop an achievable action plan to implement post workshop (because nothing changes if nothing changes)
  • Email follow-up post session to each participant (because I like to keep others accountable)
  • 30 minute post-workshop consultation with designated contact

The Investment

From $50.00 per participant

The Next Step

Discover what’s possible when you give the women in the organisation the opportunity to explore how their thoughts and actions impact their results. Get started by simply emailing me via the Let’s Chant button below. I’d love to hear from you!