Unhappy at work? Don’t quit just yet!

October 12th, 2016 | no comments

For years I found myself at the same crossroad, questioning which direction to take on what seemed like a never-ending road to finding something more to my life. Each time the question was, should I stay in my job or should I leave?

The familiar crossroad caused me great frustration, it was distracting and I was unhappy. Not one to stay in the drama, I would always assess my situation, explore what I could change, re-focus and get on with it which for many years meant sticking with my job.

Then the time arrived when I decided on a new direction. It was February 2014 when I left the corporate world. I had NO plan, only a vague idea of what I thought the ‘something’ could be. However I did have an unwavering belief that I made the right decision and fully trusted that everything would work out. There is magic in trusting your instinct.

Yet here’s the thing: the decision to leave my job was right for ME. It’s not necessarily the right decision for most people and it’s certainly NOT the only option if you are unhappy at work and deciding what to do.

Allow me to share three ideas that could help you along your way:

1. First, focus on you
How well do you really know yourself? The beliefs you have about yourself? Are some beliefs possibly limiting your potential? Do you know your fears and are they holding you back? How about behaviours that don’t serve you well?

Believe me, focussing on you is a really important starting point. A good sense of self allows you the capacity to grow. Perhaps it’s time to challenge your beliefs, to understand your fears and address behaviours that maybe negatively impacting your current situation.

2. Realise you have a choice
The power is in YOUR hands. It’s not up to your boss, your colleagues, your family or friends to improve your situation. Things don’t always go our way in life but it’s how you choose to deal with situations that matters most.

Ask yourself, how can ‘I’ improve this situation?

Empower yourself to make change, it’s worth it.

3. Keep reminding yourself of the ‘Why’
So you assessed your situation, made your choice yet you find yourself up against challenges and still having those moments of great frustration. At times like these, one thing you can do is cast your mind back to WHY you made the choice you did. It helps put things into perspective and may highlight the need to re-assess. Importantly, it reminds you that it’s you who’s responsible and accountable for the choices you make.

Be open to some self-assessment, know you have a choice and remember your why.

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