Moments of Reflection

Welcome to my Blog page and thank you for taking the time to visit!

Here I share with you what I call, Moments of Reflection.

You see, after leaving the corporate world, I’ve had a lot more of that precious thing in life, time and it’s allowed me the space to open my mind and break open my heart. To reflect on my life and the many lessons I’ve learnt over the years.

In 200 words or less, I now share these lessons with you.

My greatest wish is that you find a little nugget that maybe you can apply to your life to help make your days on earth more peaceful, calm and content.


#8 Work/life balance

Is it possible? My last year in the corporate world saw me in a global role managing multiple time zones. Finishing work at7pm, 11pm even 1am was not uncommon. It was manic and I was out of control. Did I have work/life balance? NO!

In my new life, I found myself combining study and life quite nicely however as my new business started gaining momentum, guess what started happening? Yes, that work/life balance thing took a turn. Out the window went the exercise, diet and emotional wellbeing. Can you relate?

Well, enter two of my favourite words, awareness and choice. In my new life, I learnt about awareness so thankfully, I had the tools to become aware of what was (or was not) happening. That meant I had the choice to change (another fave word). Like most things though, change takes commitment and discipline.

So yes, I think work/life balance is possible because at the end of the day it’s me who is in control of my life. And you? You are in control of yours! We need to put ourselves back in the driver’s seat of our lives and steer in the direction that serves us well.


#7: The what ifs…

A friend recently asked me how to manage the  ‘what ifs’ in life. The ‘what if this happens’ or ‘what if it doesn’t happen’. My response to her was, by being in the present moment. However, being in the present moment takes work! The reality of it is this yesterday is exactly that, yesterday. And tomorrow is yet to happen. It’s a frame of mind that takes both practise and discipline but like anything, the more you practise the better you get. I’ve had lots of practise over the last few weeks with the health of a close family member. I’ve had to remind myself as well as those around me that we need to take one day even one moment at a time and I can tell you without a doubt, it has certainly helped manage the high level of worry. It’s been a mantra I repeat over and over. So next time you find yourself in a worrying situation that maybe causing you anxiety, catch yourself, maybe take a deep breath, bring yourself to the present moment and make it your mantra, one day or even one moment at a time.


#6: Face your fear

Fear, fear, fear. Do you agree that we all have our fears? If you drill down, it’s usually the cause of a lot of pain in our lives.
I’ve had to do a fair share of work on my fears. Here’s how I did it. I started by first really understanding my fears. I can be a little haphazard when it comes to journaling however this is a great example of when writing my thoughts down on paper made a huge impact. I uncovered my fear of being hurt, fear of not being good enough and fear of failure as well as examples of when my behaviour is fear wearing a mask. This is what I also learnt in the process. I slowly learnt to recognise the signs and I learnt how to catch myself right in the moment of fear raising it’s head. I learnt by acknowledging what I was feeling, being okay with it and knowing I’m okay, helped the fear dissolved. Will it go away forever? I’m not sure but I now recognise the signs and I have tools to manage it.



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