Life and Career Coach for Women in Sydney

Elizabeth Murphy is a professional life coach who works with career women to help them achieve success on their own terms.

Having nearly two decades of experience in the corporate world working for global organisations based in Sydney, Elizabeth knows how to support women to succeed at work, through coaching them to go for what they truly want.

Elizabeth is a certified Life Coach that conducts coaching sessions via Skype so that women can connect from anywhere. Whether you’re in Sydney or the Sunshine Coast or San Francisco, you can get coaching support that transforms your life.

Because building a career at the expense of your life is not recommended.

Could you be at risk of burnout?

High-achieving and hard-working women are the most at-risk of burnout. The long hours, lack of sleep, high expectations can lead to compromised performance and wellbeing. Interestingly, Australia’s Biggest Health Check found that women in Sydney had the highest stress levels.

How can life coaching help?

Life Coaching can prevent you burning out through helping you get clear on the life you actually want to be living.

All of the internal factors that exacerbate stress can be successfully overcome through coaching.  A professional Life Coach can help you transform:

  • Fear of uncertainty into clarity and flexibility
  • Doubt and negative self-talk into positive self-belief
  • Unrealistic expectations into achievable goals
  • Perfectionism into self-acceptance
  • Lack of assertiveness into confidence.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps people achieve their goals in all areas of life. It is especially useful for people who may look like the picture of success on the outside, but in reality are not living a deeply fulfilling life.

Elizabeth’s passion for helping career women thrive has been proven through the results of her coaching clients.

To find out more about life coaching with Elizabeth, visit About Change Coaching or connect via LinkedIn.