Life Coach for Working Women in Melbourne

Elizabeth Murphy believes in helping women reach their highest potential and most authentic expression. It is both a privilege and a profession.

As one the growing number of women who are transforming lives through the coaching profession, Elizabeth created About Change Coaching to reflect her expertise in guiding women through career and life change. After two decades acquiring corporate success, Elizabeth understands that women aren’t just looking for work/life balance, they are looking to bring purpose and passion into their whole life.

While Elizabeth first completed a Life Coaching course ten years ago, it was the thrill of working for a global organisation that put her coaching career on hold.

Many people, like Elizabeth, study Life Coaching for their own personal development. But Elizabeth knew that eventually she would make life coaching her career.

As a graduate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, led by Melbourne Coach Julie Parker, Elizabeth has completed two coaching qualifications, the most recent qualification having connected her to other women who are creating fulfilling lives and amazing work in the world.

About Change Coaching is perfect for women who are seeking career and lifestyle change, or have undergone change and looking for strategies to adapt and thrive.

Are you based in Melbourne?

About Change coaching sessions are conducted via Skype or phone, so that if you’re a woman based in Melbourne you can connect with Elizabeth, at a time and location that fits with your schedule.

Contact Elizabeth at
Mobile: 0407 340 468