Life Coach in Brisbane for Working Women

Australians work the longest hours in the Western World, and busy career women who maybe juggling family responsibilities need the most support to reach their goals and fulfill dreams.

Despite many professional and ambitious women in Brisbane seeking career success and fulfillment, the Australian Work and Life Index has found that certain groups of women are more prone to work-life imbalance, stress and burnout.

Women generally do twice as much caring and domestic work, and the ‘sandwich generation’ of women; those women who care for children as well as their elderly parents have the worst measures of work-life balance.

Many women want to change the way they live and work, but let’s face it – change is scary.

Elizabeth Murphy is a Life Coach for working women who helps women discover their own version of success.

Her About Change life coaching practice is run digitally, which means Elizabeth can help women from Brisbane to anywhere in the world.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching helps people identify their desires and goals. A life coach can help transform the blocks, doubts and barriers that are getting in the way of success and wellbeing.

What can life coaching do for you?

Life coaches are skilled to shift things like negative self-talk, perfectionism, lack of assertiveness, unrealistic expectations: all internal factors related to stress as well as career stagnation or burnout.

But not all life coaches are created equally…

What should you look for in a life coach?

It’s important you choose a professional life coach who has trained with an accredited institute or academy.

The right life coach for you must have the experience and skills to help you.

Do you ‘click’? Many life coaches offer free consults that can be done via Skype or in-person to provide an opportunity to ask questions.

Who is About Change Life Coaching for?

About Change is for working women who have a desire to succeed in every area of life, and need the skills and support to achieve this.

Elizabeth Murphy guides women through personal and professional transformation. She can help you gain clarity and confidence to show up in work and life as your true self.