How would you describe your life outside of working hours?

February 28th, 2018 | no comments

I loved growing up in the 70’s. It’s quite possible I’m lucky to be alive.

I didn’t wear a helmet while tearing around the streets on my bike, nor was I restrained by a seat belt, I climbed to the top of a tree the height of a two story house and hung upside down, I jumped on a steel framed trampoline forever landing on the ground or the springs and I walked a high, thin framed fence like an experienced Russian gymnast.

Ah, the freedom, fun and fascination of it all.

My point?

Well, it seems that when I reached adulthood and became firmly entrenched in corporate life, I didn’t really pay particular attention to life outside the office walls.

Life just happened.

I did the usual things like good times with family and friends. I exercised, read books, enjoyed dinners out, had great holidays and shared the responsibility of at-school and out-of-school activities.

You know the drill.

Weekends were the short amount of time to get over the week and prepare for the next. Weeknights were the few hours to do whatever else needed to get done.

It wasn’t until I’d taken the biggest risk of my life, leaving my job (with no plan), that I had the gift of time and therefore the chance to rethink how I lived life.

It occurred to me that I’d placed a lot of emphasis (and energy) on my career and lost a sense of joy in life. Oh hindsight, you’re such a wonderful thing.

But think about it.

How much more enjoyable (and fun) could life be outside of work if it were given greater attention?

Maybe you’re reading this thinking life is already a struggle and the thought of changing it up is making you cringe. Maybe you’re a little annoyed that I’ve even suggested it could be any different? Or should be any different?

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re completely and utterly happy with life as it is? You could probably stop reading right here.

However, if you’re staying with me, I’d like to challenge you to give yourself a few minutes to reflect on the following questions…

  • What do you love to do? What excites you? Are you doing these things? How often?
  • Is there anything you really want to do but you keep putting it off? What is it? Why are you putting it off?
  • How are you challenging yourself to learn new things?
  • What’s your non-work related goal?
  • Do you set aside time for yourself, weekly or fortnightly or at least monthly to do something for YOU?

How did you go? Did you uncover an opportunity to create some change? Bring more fun into life?

Here’s the thing.

Don’t overlook the possibility that paying greater attention to life outside of work may actually help you bring new perspectives, ideas and a renewed sense of energy to your world of work. How would that feel?

Remember, life is what you choose it be. What are you choosing?

Until next time,



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