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4 things you can do when you strongly dislike your job

Did you notice I used the words ‘strongly dislike’ versus ‘hate’? That’s my mother coming out in me. Growing up, she constantly reminded me that hate is a powerful word and to use dislike instead. BUT. I regularly hear people passionately use the word ‘hate’…

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Like a cappuccino, are goals out-dated?

First let me confess, I’m a ‘to-do’ list freak. Not sure what age it started but I’d be lost without them. I have multiple ‘to-do’ list stationery pads in all shapes, sizes and colours. To add to my freakishness, there’ve been times when I’ve done…

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3 questions to help get perspective on your work life

Unbelievable that we are almost at the end of another year and for me that signals a time to reflect. I decided to also reflect on my journey since departing the corporate world and write about some of my lessons along the way. There have…

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