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The headline grabbed your attention – you clicked read more so that tells me you’re seeking clarity. You’re not alone. Not being clear about what to do next can get quite desperate at times with feelings of overwhelm, frustration and confusion being all too common….

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Could this be why you’re bored?

As a child I regularly complained to my mother that I was bored. There were the standard responses – go clean your room or make your bed to which of course I would say but that’s boring. Had my mother (who I’ve called by her…

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The D Word, a weighty topic (for some)!

Decadent. Delicious. Divine. All delightful D words however this article is about this D word – D.I.E.T. Please know I’m not positioning myself as an expert in the field of nutrition. My goal is to share my experience with diet and my journey to a…

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