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The headline grabbed your attention – you clicked read more so that tells me you’re seeking clarity.

You’re not alone.

Not being clear about what to do next can get quite desperate at times with feelings of overwhelm, frustration and confusion being all too common.

I know how it feels because I’ve been there and I coach women who crave the same clarity – just like you.

Here’s the no-nonsense part.

It’s like anything. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You have to really want it. Here’s what I recommend you think about:

 First, understand why you want career clarity. Really get to the heart of it. You may need to ask why up to 5 times.

 Next, accept that to get clarity, you’ll need to make an effort and making an effort can be hard, challenging and a pain.

 Making an effort requires time. It’s what I didn’t give myself so I’m speaking from experience – it helps.

Consider your responses to these three points and decide if the rest of this article for you.

If it is, make sure now’s a good time to start the work otherwise earmark the article and set aside time to come back to it.

If it’s not, I’d lovingly say, get back to work!

Ok, so either your pen is poised or your fingers are hovering over the keyboard.

It’s time to answer some questions and get clarity.

1. What are your core values? I know, it’s a big one to start with but it’s important. You need to question whether your working life is aligned with your values.

AN EXTRA: If you’re interested in uncovering your values, click here and I’ll send you a values worksheet.

2. Who do you envy right now career wise? List at least 3 people and get specific about what you envy. This may help you put together some next steps.

3. When do you find you lose track of time at work? What are you doing? These maybe times where you’re in a state of flow (yes, flow is a real thing – neuroscience says so!). You want to get more of this! How can you?

4. How well do you know your character strengths and how well do you play to these strengths? Yes, character strengths. I encourage you to do the extra.

AN EXTRA: Take this free survey to learn more – Character Strengths Survey.

5. If someone in the exact same career situation as you comes to you for advice, what would you tell him/her? It’s sometimes helpful for us to learn what we would say to others. You might find yourself taking your own advice!

6. How much are you investing in developing yourself right now? Ongoing development should be a non-negotiable!

7. Who can best help you right now? A mentor? Sponsor? Are you open approaching these people? If so, what will you ask of them?

And finally (at least for now)…

8. If someone handed you your ideal role on a silver platter (oh yes please) what would it be? What’s your title? What specifically would you be doing? Who would you be working with? What do you love most about it? This should give you some real insight for next steps.

You’re done! Did you find it hard answering some of the questions? If so, which ones and why? Did you get some insight? Did anything surprise you?

So now what?

If you made the effort to answer the questions that tells me you’re really ready for things to change.

Well now it’s time to take action.

Where it makes sense, take insights from your answers and turn them into actions. Record the actions and put timeframes around each one. Keep yourself accountable (or get a buddy to keep you accountable).

NOTE:  Please keep it simple to start. Break it right down into small chunks.

One last thing. If you’d like further help, I offer a no strings attached complimentary 20-minute consultation. I encourage you to click here and book yourself a spot!

Until next time,

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