#6: Face your fear

May 13th, 2016 | no comments

Fear, fear, fear. Do you agree that we all have our fears? If you drill down, it’s usually the cause of a lot of pain in our lives.
I’ve had to do a fair share of work on my fears. Here’s how I did it. I started by first really understanding my fears. I can be a little haphazard when it comes to journaling however this is a great example of when writing my thoughts down on paper made a huge impact. I uncovered my fear of being hurt, fear of not being good enough and fear of failure as well as examples of when my behaviour is fear wearing a mask. This is what I also learnt in the process. I slowly learnt to recognise the signs and I learnt how to catch myself right in the moment of fear raising it’s head. I learnt by acknowledging what I was feeling, being okay with it and knowing I’m okay, helped the fear dissolved. Will it go away forever? I’m not sure but I now recognise the signs and I have tools to manage it.

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