Elizabeth Murphy, Coach for Women in the Workplace

I help you gain the clarity and confidence to show
up as your true self at work and in life.

Hello and Welcome to About Change Coaching!

I’m Elizabeth, Life Coach for the Working Woman

Can you imagine living in a world that supports women to reach their highest potential, and life expression? Where working women don’t have to sacrifice their souls or schedule themselves stupid to make a positive contribution to the workplace?

We can’t change the world by hiding our light, letting our fears and limiting beliefs overwhelm us or settling for less than we’re capable of. It’s in owning who you truly are; your strengths as well as weaknesses, that unleashes the power to change your life.

What exactly is a Life Coach?

As a woman, I know all too well that juggling the demands of a corporate life with personal responsibilities is no easy feat, and more often than not, can really take a toll on one’s mental health and well-being. I’m also familiar with being at a career crossroad (many times actually), not at all clear on what to do next and the feelings of complete frustration, confusion and overwhelm that come with it.

If you find yourself relating to the last paragraph, I’d like you to imagine the following:

There is a someone out there with the skills and expertise to support you in gaining the clarity you desire when it comes to where you want to be in life. Someone who will guide you to the answers and solutions that are already within you (believe me on this one). Someone who is skilled to help shift things like negative self-talk, fears, beliefs, perfectionism, lack of assertiveness and unrealistic expectations. Someone who will dish out a good dose of motivation but who will call you out when required and without hesitation. And most importantly, someone who will hold you accountable to the process.

There you have it, a description of a skilled life coach!

Still wanting to know more? Head to my FAQ page where you’ll find a long list of questions and hopefully, the answers you’re seeking.

Otherwise, allow YOUR transformation to start here…